What do you mean, Day 7?

That's what I said to myself when at our staff meeting today when our administrator gave us a reality check by reminding us that it was only day 7 of the school year. So why was I sitting there feeling like it had been 7 months already? Really, when she said it was day 7 it was like I was in an underwater tunnel dream. No, really? It just can't be.

And so now here I am up way too late on a school night trolling the Lonely Planet Thorn Tree for some tidbits about far away places, and already dreaming up where we will go next summer which is fully 10 months away.

Planning the trips is an escape from reality for me, gives me a life preserver to hold on to. But I have travel on the brain because I have been going to my 7th grade classrooms to do my "hi I am your guidance counselor" dog and pony show. I start my Prezi with a question "where in the world did I go this summer?". I gave them a few hints like a map of the DR and a photo collage from our trip. They seemed to have fun guessing where we went, and were predictably grossed out when I told them how many changes of clothes we bring for a month on the road.

So it's Day 7.

Of 185.

Way to early to start counting down the days until I am on the road again.

But not to early to get lost in researching the perfect out of the way places for us to go!

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