This is not about Las Vegas

This nearly last post about our summer 2015 adventure will not be about Las Vegas because we hated Las Vegas. Shoulder to shoulder and wall to wall people, more crying tantruming kids than adults, and shameless pointless extravagance made all of us put Las Vegas at the very bottom of every place we have ever been.  

We collectively decided we'd rather swim in a frozen lake or eat dirt than return to Las Vegas.  A friend of mine summed it up perfectly: Vegas is like Walmart on a Saturday night but with alcohol.  Indeed.

Sorry to all those people who love it.  

But there is one shining moment that did happen there that exceeded our expectations and that was dinner at Lotus Siam, a Thai restaurant featured on Anthony Bourdain's Parts Unknown.  Having traveled and lived in Thailand a few times over the years we have a formed opinion about Thai food and because we also like Anthony Bourdain (he looks and acts a lot like my dad) we had to give this off off strip place a try.

And when I say off I mean way off.  It is located in a super sketchy strip mall.  Lock your doors and hide your valuables. 

We were quite skeptical as you can see by the outside, it didn't look promising. Kids almost refused to go in!

Once inside its a different story with a large attentive staff, bright lighting, and a 15 page menu.  The advice here is to go to the back of the menu and order dishes prepared in the Northern style, which this restaurant is well known for.  With absolute certainty I will tell you this is the most amazing, authentic, and meticulously prepared Thai food I have ever eaten in my life.  We loved every last bite and didn't leave a speck behind.

It was heavenly to eat this food.   Dessert was coconut ice cream and mango with sticky rice.  We gobbled it up too fast to get a picture.

I could also mention that prior to dinner we went to the Hoover Dam, another place Luis had on his list of important things to do on this trip.

He really liked it.....and the rest of us pretended we did just to keep the mood positive.  Truth is the Hoover Dam is BORING and expensive.  When I say boring I can't quite describe the lack of interest we had in hydroelectricity.  
But the view from the observation deck was cool. That's a heck of a lot of concrete.

So there you have it, the end of the sights and sounds of a stateside vacation.  Look for a final thoughts post coming soon if you are interested.


  1. My sentiments exactly on Las Vegas. May as well flush your money down the toilet. Looks like you guys has a great trip. Welcome home!

  2. If, and that's big IF, we ever go back to Vegas, we will have to try that Thai place. Though I don't see it happening in this lifetime. Glad you got out alive! ;-) Welcome back to Paradise!