Yountville in Napa Valley


Napa Valley is where Luis'  sister Jo lives and in addition to seeing the giant trees at Sequoia National Park, visiting his sister was another main reason for a trip to California this year.  The kids really liked getting to know their aunt which was a true highlight for them.  

We had a lovely time exploring the streets and shops.  Yountville is a relaxed and happy place, not to mention absolutely beautiful!  Every season something is ripening here, making the scenery a gorgeous   landscape that looks like a painting every where you look.  

I Learned that these two places are kind of famous. The French Laundry is a restaurant where dinner for one person, not including wine, cost $295. The same chef also owns this bakery, the Bouchon bakery. We were treated to the best pasties I have ever had! Soooo good!

Yountville is also known for its school programs. Most of the restaurants participate with area schools to fund huge food growing projects and huge gardens have been planted at most schools.  The gardens teach the kids about healthy eating, respect for farming, and organic lifestyles. Growing food is actually part of Yountville curriculums!

Someday we'll have to come back for one of the food festivals. All the local farms participate and it's like one giant mecca of fresh, local foods of every kind. Jo told me we can pretty much eat our way through the festival!  Sounds terrific!

When we first started talking about California the kids had one thing on their mind, visiting the jelly belly jelly Bean factory. 

We are candy hounds in this family so the buy three get two bags free of jellybean mistakes was right up our alley.

Yes indeed, that is 10 pounds of jellybeans. I have no idea how that happened!

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  1. Love that photo of Maya with the purple flowers!
    No comment on the $295 meal. Jeez.
    But if you need to get rid of any of those jellybean "mistskes", I'm your girl! ;-)