Mammoth Lakes Camping and the PCT

The  Pacific Crest Trail runs along side our camp, so we checked it out for a misty rainy day hike.  

It rained during our stay in Mammoth Lakes about a third of the time.  Hiking under the trees in raincoats wasn't too bad, and it was absolutely beautiful.  Back at camp, cook and eating in the rain was another story.  Mustering up good attitudes and smiles....we tried anyway!  Small periods of sunshine made the cold easier to handle.

Ccccoooooold mountain streams, but even so these kids got in.
One thing is for sure, when you are camping you get a lot of uninterrupted family time.  Without distractions and devices, hours of just being.  Rare in a family with teenagers I think.


  1. The pictures are amazing, and I likd the comments almost as much. Keep loving!

  2. Great picture of you and Luis, Polly.
    Aunt Laura

    1. Can you tell we have been in the woods for three days?!!.!