Some of the little things we have done...

I've had more time this year than ever before to pay attention to the garden, and if you saw it in person you'd see I am enthralled with hydrangeas.

We've been lucky enough to get a handful of meals featuring fresh green beans.  Usually the lack of watering and a bug infestation kills them by now.
Of course there's the beach, the reason we moved to this area in the first place!  That super moon back in June was magical.  The moon rise was like a light bulb turning on.

With friends is the best way to spend the day.

Maya got a summer science/math/ELA packet from her school packed with activities.  One was making a bubble solution with glycerine, joy, and water.  Everyone really got into it. Even Jack.

 No one accomplished making a big bubble, but it was something fun to try.

 The annual summer get together with friends we have had since we moved here is truly a highlight that I count as one of my many blessings on this earth.  These families have been in our circle since our oldest kids were nurslings.  We were La Leche League leaders and members together for many years, and I have had the privilege of attending the births of two babies in this group.
 One 'nice' and one 'crazy' picture.  Note that the youngest is 'crazy' in both.  :)
We don't have a boat, but a bunch of our friends do.  Last week our friends generously offered us the use of their boat for the afternoon.

He is happiest when he's at the helm.
 They only caught a couple of pin fish but were thrilled all the same.

 I love where I live!

 Are we happy that we are home this summer?  It's nice to have a break from planning and recovering from an intense international trip.   I like being able to hang around with days and days of nothing to do, even though it makes me anxious to have a lot of unstructured free time.  I have to make myself surrender to the unproductive nature of a summer free from commitments.  Most people would wish for this, and indeed I yearned for it all year long. 

I have a terrible, awful time just being in the here and now without worrying about one thing or another.  Looking over the photos of this post its obvious that I am offered many opportunities to feel joy, beauty, and that all is truly well.

We have started the family fun (!?!?) construction project of making a corn hole set.  I'll go into details with pictures on the next post.  Our experience with teaching the kids how to use enormous limb mangling power tools and having fun with surly 13 year old boys are sure to delight and scare you.


  1. Best picture is the first of the gorgeous hydrangea! Close second is Maya with the fish. Thanks for sharing! :-)

  2. You are an amazing family and it doesn't matter where you are in the world as long as you are together - the memories are in the making!

  3. This is wonderful. Memories to last a lifetime to infinity and beyond!!!!

  4. JUST when I thought you couldn't be any cooler, Polly. Adopt me! :)