Prolific Pluffy and Other Fun Stuff

My friend brought her 7 year old to our house last week.  When she called to make the arrangement, she  shared a funny story about how her son describes his ideal summer camp.

He wants to be able to just go in the woods, make forts, explore, and whack stuff down with machetes.  He wants to make something out of wood and learn how to use woodworking tools.  Sounds like a day in the life at our house.  Of course the grass is always greener.  My kids complain a lot about how bored they are.

They definatley made time for tromping in the woods, but it was the Pluffy that was the big hit.

Even the older guys weren't too cool for Pluffy.

 Things begin to take shape.

Enjoy the Pluffy Gallery:

The day was capped off with birdhouse painting...

And the 8th grade wack a doodle boys did a puppet show for the younger kids.

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