Panama Wrap Up

Panama is the 5th Latin American country we traveled with the kids and we noticed a difference in them this time.  There was significantly less of the usual unhappiness and intense complaining, even though we moved at breakneck speed to make the most of our 17 days.  We had some seriously grueling travel days, in fact 5 of the 17 days were spent in buses, boats, taxis, and collectivos.  Maybe it's their age or perhaps that we only traveled for 17 instead of our usual 27 days that made them better able to withstand the challenges of budget backpacking in Latin America.  Or could it be that they have toughened up and have their travel legs?   There wasn't even much reaction when we had to wait by the side of the road because of a broken van for an unpredictable amount of time.

Panama was expensive!  We averaged $195 a day which included domestic travel, hotels, food, tours, and souvenirs.  We did take more tours than usual, accommodation costs were high mostly because the kids are counted as 2 real people instead just kids,  food costs were high not because we ate more but just because tourism has jacked up prices big time.  We still found a few $3-$4 meals here and there.  There was also a huge splurge in the Panama City apartment and for the Isla Cobia snorkeling trip.

We met some great people that made all the difference for us in Panama.  First of all, hooking up with the Jacobsens from Tacoma was a treat.  True, we barely know them...but there is something about the connection between our two families that made being with them easy and fun.  The Dutch family we met in Santa Fe and the expereinces we shared were priceless.  They had personal connections to a boat captain in Santa Catalina which got us a safe passage at a slightly discounted rate.

And finally, here's our top 10 fave things about Panama, in no particular order.

Surfing Playa Estero

The families we hung out with

Isla Boca Brava

The Panama Canal

Snorkling Coiba

Jammin Pizza

Seeing whales

The food

Bat Cave

Cute animals

River tubing

So that's it for summer 2014.  All in all a great trip with some awesome memories!  I'll leave you with a few bits of graffiti street art.....

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  1. ♡♡♡ the graffiti art shots! Looks like it was a successful trip. Can't wait to hear about it in person,. :-)