A Little More Holbox

Gosh we really like this place.  Lots of people plan a trip to just Holbox, it's easy to see why.  There are mostly Mexican and European vacationing families here, very few Americans and none with children.  There are some really really nice places to stay, and the island is well on its way to being built up,  there is construction everywhere you look.  At least there don't seem to be any high rises, as most buildings are a few stories and built with a traditional look of exposed wood and thatch roofs.  I can't imagine how this small place with so little infrastructure will be able to sustain the consumption and waste production that is sure to be overwhelming if it isn't already.

But on to happier things.  We had a 24  hour bike rental ($11) which was excellent fun.  Typical beach bike, easy to ride on the sand.  From our hotel we rode about 2 miles east, past the hotels, where the beach is completely undeveloped and goes on for miles and miles.  The trees go right up to the edge of the water so it's easy to find shade for me, and blazing sun for Maya.   We brought a little fruit and water and were set for the day.

You can wade way far out and the crystal water never gets more than thigh deep.  It's endless and breathtaking.  We saw skates and horseshoe crabs swimming right by.

We had the perfect spot in the most beautiful place.

This beauty goes on forever with just a few people here and there, most folks are at the main public beach in town or at their resort beach clubs.  We really had the most lovely day.  We returned the bikes and went back to the hotel, turned the AC on and cooled down.  The place we are staying isn't posh but it works.  It's central but quiet.  The breakfast is decent and there are interesting guests to talk with at the table.

There's a kitchen with basic supplies.  We have made ourselves guacamole and scrambled eggs on tortillas for lunch a few times.

The place has 3 guest rooms in the main part and a bungalow out back, which is where we stayed.  Nothing fancy but the bed is comfy and the AC cools the room down quickly.

A little garden at the entrance.

We leave for Valladolid in the morning, taking the 7:00 am ferry, then the 7:30 bus to Tizimin, then finding a bus or collectivo to get us to Valladolid.  Adios Isla Holbox, we loved you!


  1. Such a beautiful and peaceful place and I love your cute bungalow! Safe travels to Valladolid.

  2. So lovely! Beautiful photos. Particularly loved the fruit one. 😊
    Enjoy the next phase!

  3. Great blog. Makes me want to go there! Love that last photo of Maya on the beach.