Isla Holbox

This little island off the north coast of the Yucatan Peninsula has definitely been "discovered" by tourists and backpackers but it is still precious.  Our travel day getting here was long with 2 flights, 2 buses, a ferry,  and a golf cart.  At the Cancun airport we landed at terminal 3, ran the gauntlet of touts and out the door towards the ADO bus ticket kiosk which is just behind the margarita shack.  We bought our ticket for the next bus to the central Cancun bus station and waited about  45 minutes.  Once at the central bus station we got in line for the last bus at 12:50 to Chiquila where we would get a ferry.  They ferry is pretty straightforward, no haggling or touts.  They leave every half hour and takes about 20 minutes.  Once on the island look left to the golf cart taxi stand and wait for the next one.  They all charge a standard 30 pesos so that was easy too.  I wasn't sure where our hotel was so we decided on the taxi.

The singular ATM machine on Holbox is known to run out of money so it's wise to get money at the airport ATM in Cancun. I should have changed dollars too but I thought over the course of 5 days here I would get lucky at least once for a withdrawal. Unfortunately the machine here doesn't like my card, so while it will dispense money for others it will not for me.  But it's ok, I've put away what I need to get off the island to our next place and we will have all our meals at street carts and the market to save.  The restaurants are pretty expensive with most mains costing 11-14$ but the tacos found at the street carts at night cost us 4$.
Its mighty hot here, we spend a lot of time hanging at the beach in a scrap of shade.  The water is crystal clear and shallow, hotter than the air sometimes.

One of the nicest things  to do is watch the sunset at the pier, pretty spectacular.

Another free thing is to walk around and check out the murals painted a few years ago.  Pic credits to Maya.

The streets are sand there aren't any cars except a few work trucks here and there.  When it rains is floods the streets so you gotta be careful in flip flops. 
We volunteered to walk rescue dogs at Refugio Holbox and we also brought them a dozen leashes and collars for their cause.

Tourists can come daily at 4 pm and walk their dogs.  It's was pretty fun. 
Another nearly free thing to do is take up street side gambling, available for all ages.  You put your small coin on a picture, the guy shakes his box of die and if his roll matches your picture choice you win double your money.

We have four full days here so there will be more to come!  We are off to catch another sunset....


  1. Wow! What a beautiful sunset! And those murals are way cool. Looking forward to your next post. 😊

  2. Love, love, love the water shots in the beginning and the murals. Looks like you are having fun (ATM issues aside). Keep the posts coming! 😎