Las Galeras at last!

After two long travel days we are finally at this beach paradise! Las Galeras is in the far northeast of the Dominican Republic. It took an entire day to get here that started with an 8am taxi, to a 2.5 hour bus ride, to a motoconcho ride, to finally a gua gua ride to this little village. A motoconcho is a motorcycle that has a open four seated cab like thing attached to it. A gua gua is basically an old pick up or a minivan without doors that acts as a small bus.

The main beach in town has an excellent swimming section that had a bunch of local kids that couldn't get enough of jack and Maya, and one boy even touched jack's hair. People are so enamored with his hair, he is like a copper haired celebrity.

We are staying at the excellent La Isleta set in a beautiful tropical garden. Our place has a kitchen, upstairs sleeping loft, downstairs sleeping area and a big bathroom. The front porch has a lovely table and benches.

The lovely view of the Carribean sea from our bungalow window.

Porch sitting area where we take our meals.

The kitchen has everything we need including unlimited drinking water

This is the downstairs sleeping area. The kids push the benches together and put a big mosquito net over it at night.

Maya leads the way to the upstairs sleeping loft

It really is as perfect as it looks.

Maya always makes friends with the local cats. This one was waiting for her when she woke up.

We spent the day at this postcard perfect beach. It is called La Playita and it is about a 20 minute walk down a sandy path. We snorkeled off the beach all day. The water was amazing.

Yes there really was Weather worn abandoned washed up boat on the shore.

While snorkeling we say a guy spear fishing. Turns out he was catching our lunch. We ate at a fish shack on the beach that has the freshly caught fish on a plate that we could choose from. We chose 2 and they cooked them up and served them, heads and all, with rice, beans, fried plantains, and eggplant. Very yummy.

We are a happy and rested family. After a long year at school this is exactly what we needed.


  1. That looks wonderful! Have a great time! Cheryl Neumann:-)

  2. thanks for the blog, great to read about the trip as it is happening. so happy for your family to have a wonderful summer experience.