Safe and sound in santo Domingo

A long travel day lands us in santo Domingo at the green house apart hotel www.greenhouse-hotel.com. As promised and arranged by the hotel there was a taxi waiting for us in the arrivals area where we were charged the standard 35 usd for the 30 minute ride to the Gazcue area of Santo Domingo. The hotel is very clean and the staff very friendly. Our rate for a triple room which has 2 full beds and 1 twin bed with a large bathroom is 60 usd per night. They actually walked us to the nearest ATM, which was nice but probably not entirely necessary. There is free wi fi which is great.

The owner offered to cook for us, which was welcome because if there is one thing the kids hate it's looking everywhere in a big, dirty, noisy city for a place to eat. We had a tasty but standard meal of fries, chicken, salad, and fresh squeezed pineapple juice. I neglected to ask the price before we ate which I may regret when we settle the bill in the morning.

The city is like most big Latin American cities...loud and lots of trash on the ground. Trucks, vans, cars, mopeds, and carts go whizzing by at breakneck speed making crossing hazardous especially for the boy who is distracted by a speck of dust.

We will be making our way to the bus station in the morning for a 4-5 hour ride to Samana where we will connect with local transport, called a gua gua, for the 1 hour ride to Las Galeras in the far Northeast of the country.

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Location:Dominican Republic

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  1. We are Here and you are There. A situation beyond compare. Tropics, gua gua, adventures galore: no more talking like Eeyore! Dora (from the breakfast table)