Pockets of Paranoia

" Ok kids, this little pocket gets safety pinned into the inside of your clothes everytime we leave the hotel. It's only for an emergency, like if you get kidnapped and find a way to escape to safety, or if your parents sink on a rickety boat and drown but you manage to swim ashore, or you get lost in a sprawling third world market while being ditsracted by crates of chickens. Inside is a copy of everyone's passports, 5o bucks, and the phone numbers of your relatives back home and it's in a tiny zip lock bag in case this emergency happens in a rainstorm, or an ocean, or a flood"

Here's what the parents keep their important stuff in tucked in flat to the waistline of their shorts, strapped around the waist, and for extra security safety pinned too. Why the safety pins? Well, if someone tries to cut the strap off from the back they will be thwarted becasue it is also going to be safety pinned on!

This thing is super hot and uncomfortable but its the only concievable way to carry important things securely like cash and passports.

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