I heart Cartagena

Seriously I do! For someone who is always trying to find the most 'off the beaten path' destinations I have seriously fallen for the charm of Cartagena. Colonial balconies draped in Bougainvillea, traditional dancers in the plaza, cobblestone streets, horse drawn carriages. It's so perfect looking it doesn't even seem real.

We are staying at Hotel La Magdalena, it's not in the LP which is why there are no other backpacker types here. Just Colombians. We booked it through booking.com which was super easy. We are paying 42usd per night, and wee seem to have the nicest room in the place. It's clean, quiet, safe, the staff are super nice, and most important of all the room has AC. There are 6 single beds in the room so there is plenty of space.

Clean and quiet, just the way we like it. No backpackers and no DJ in the lobby.

For those of you who like to know what the facilities are like. The shower is a stream of cool water much like a hose attached thru the wall. But we dont really care.

We had a lovely first meal at Sabor Mulato yesterday afternoon.

We had two fresh fish dishes, a pork dish, 3 fresh juices (pineapple, mango, and lulo) and a water for 19 usd. The food was delish. Lunch is our splurge meal. For breakfast and dinner we eat street food which saves us significant money.

Sausages, empanadas, and rice boiled in a corn husk for dinner cost 6 usd for all of us! Breakfast this morning was even better.

Two fresh strawberry juices, two coffees, and two chicken potato empanadas for 3 bucks. Muy bueno.

And of course these trips find us adopting an all you can drink soda attitude.

We are getting an early start this morning to be tourists. Usually we fly into the major city and get the heck out as soon as possible, but theres a bunch of cool things to see here so we are going to stay a day or so and then move on.


  1. Looks like you are having a ball! Keep the photos coming. Love to see other places in the world.

  2. Polly, you sure know how to DO summer break. Liking Luis' Matt Lauer pose while eating his corn husked empanada. Enjoy!!