Mompos, Colombia

This is a well preserved colonial town that is really laid back and not yet engulfed by backpacker tourism. It's just too isolated and off the typical gringo trail to get spoiled I think, because no matter which direction you come here from it takes aaaaaalllllll day!

We are staying at the highly recommended La Casa Amarilla.

We have the least expensive room, these are considered dorm beds and they go for 9 usd a night, so we are paying 36 a night to stay here. There are much nicer rooms to be had, but I asked for the cheapest which does not bode well with the kids. All they really want to do is stay in an all inclusive somewhere. They are having moments of fun, but mostly they are pretty unhappy. I hate to say that but it's true. They are very homesick and it's hard to make them happy.

So whenever they can they steal my iPad and watch netflix.

There are beautiful views from the terrace and a lovely courtyard.

We cook our own breakfast in the communal kitchen and hang out in the hammock.

The water from the tap isn't drinkable, so you buy it is 5 liter bags.

The town is really quaint and the people really are friendly and gentle. The food is also pretty good.

There are fruit juice vendors everywhere, and a favorite is lulo juice. A whole fruit, ice, water, and sugar is whipped up in a blender and served up for a little over one dollar.

Around Plaza Santo Domingo is a nightly food court where street food vendors set up their mobile kitchens and a few tables. A favorite is pollo as ado which is a pounded and seasoned chicken breast, grilled and served with fries and a salad for about 4 dollars.

Well maybe it's the heat, but this is a hard trip. We are considering heading south into the mountains for a cooler climate, near Medellin. But that would mean that I have to sell an over night bus trip to the kids, which may not be possible!

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