The rivers in Minca

When you are in a river town, bridges are a common feature. This is the main bridge into town.

This one is crosses the place in the river where our hotel is.

And this bridge leads to the coolest thing we have done here so far, the bridge to Pozo Azul.

Yeah, we crossed that. I let my children cross it too. What kind of mother am I?

It's a long way down to the boulder strewn crashing river. And it is much more rickety than it looks. And scarier too.

You can see that I look nothing short of petrified.

A little more hiking along the rivers edge led us to a beautiful swimming spot.

Jumping off rocks into frigid mountain river water. Big fun!!!!! I don't have a picture to prove it but I braved the jump too. It's scarier than it looks especially when you are a big chicken like me.

The other best part of the trip was the moto ride we took to get there from these guys.

It's amazing how they navigate the steep, rocky, muddy roads in these things. I suppose they have been doing it all their lives which is why they are so good at it. When you get on one you basically trust them with your life. Especially unnerving is when your little daughter is on her own, riding without a care in the world, having the time of her life soaking up the thrill of a motorcycle ride though the jungle while her mother follows on a bike behind her trying to enjoy the scenery while being keenly aware of all the dangerous possibilities.

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