Hostal La Qhia

We had a nice stay at La Qhia in Santa Fe.

Maya made friends with Lola from Holland. We went river tubing with them yesterday. She is a sweet girl, and they have been using google translate to talk. Lola is here with her dad in Santa Catalina, and in fact we are going snorkeling with them tomorrow on Isla Coiba.

Santa Fe is a cute and untouristed town. There are only a few restaurants, the best one is the farmers cooperative restaurant. It's the type of place where the wives are cooking up lunch for their farmer husbands, but anyone can eat there. Many of the town residents, not just farmers, were eating there. Three bucks got us the best food we have eaten so far.

There is onset little church in the town center.

Petting baby chicks at the hardware store.

We liked Santa Fe, but there isn't much the kids wanted to do beyond the tubing. There is a lot of hiking, it is in the hills after all...but only 500 meters altitude. If there is one thing they hate it's hiking for 4 hours to nowhere...even if there is a waterfall at the end the kids don't like it. So we left the next morning for Santa Catalina. This turned out to be a great idea because we hooked up with the folks from holland again and decided to go in on a boat trip with them.

Good bye Santa Fe! Thank you to the river for not taking my life. I will be forever in your debt.

Location:Santa Fe, Panama


  1. This looks like a lovely place. You all look like you are more relaxed and settling into vacation. Safe and smooth travels for rest of your trip! :-)

  2. Now don't tell me your going surfing next!

  3. Yes we are now in Santa Catalina surfing and snorkeling! It's is amazing, and as soon as the internet connection improves I will post details!