Playa Estero

 Santa Catalina is a world class surf destination, but it sure isn't easy to get to!  We are staying at Rancho Estero for 3 days and four nights....2 days to surf and one to snorkle.

We have a good sized bungalow with three beds...that's Maya still asleep this morning after a long travel day to get here.
There is an outdoor kitchen, a pretty grungy one, but very necessary in this place becasue there isnt much food nearby.  There is an overpriced restaurant next door and other places are a 20 minute walk down the road.  There is an excellent pizza place called Jammin.  Heres directions:  After you pass three speed bumps, make a left on the dirt road.  It will look like it leads nowhere but keep walking and after 5 mnutes you will see the restaurant.  It worked out great, but the walk home was very very dark.  So dark we could see the Milky Way.
Jack making his famous jungle pancakes then a walk down to the beach for some surfing.
We came for the surf and were not disappointed.  Jack caught the first wave he tried.  Bigger and better waves than Wrightsville Beach, but still manageable.  Its a nice long sandy bottom beach break.
Dad's surf school, the best in town...

Such a fine view from the hotel.

We will be walking down this dark road to get to dinner...silent except for the frogs.

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