Isla Boca Brava

 Completely unspoiled and incredibly gorgeous, this place is the complete opposite of Bocas Del Toro and infinitely more appealing.  We all needed a break from the trash and crowds...we can breathe!
The hotel doesn't have many guests at the moment, so its super quiet.
To get here from Bocas we took a boat to Almirante, then a taxi to the bus station.  Then we got on a 4 hour bus ride through the mountains to David. 
We walked a few blocks from the bus station to find a place to eat before getting our next bus.  It was hotter than hell and the kids hated me.
From David we got on another bus to Horconcitos...then got on a collectivo to Boca Chica.
In Boca Chica, 8 hours after leaving Bocas Del Toro, we got on another boat to the hotel on Isla Boca Brava. Tired as they were they couldn't help but be interested in the dock and stairway leading up to the hotel.
They got even happier after a shower and a chance to see the view from the restaurant.
The food is decent and reasonably priced..like US prices...but definitely not cheap.  Its the only place to eat so we don't have much of a choice.
Now you can see how much happier everyone is now!  They actually toasted me at dinner for making them slog through the work to get to this awesome place.  They have never done that...they just tolerate or sometimes less than tolerate...these trips.  I was very joyful that they were so happy!
We are only staying here for two nights, it's our halfway point to our next destination.  We had a full day here finding our way around the totally deserted and clean beaches.  Yes, clean!  No trash!!!  No one else around and water as warm as a bath...

Wilderness beaches are a very different expereince than what we are used to.  The jungle comes right down to the sand.  The only thing that would have made this better would be someone to climb a palm tree and get us a coconut!.  The island is really desolate, such a departure from  Bocas. 
Two dogs from the hotel followed us on the 20 minute jungle walk to the beach.  We listed to howler monkeys and exotic bird calls along the way.
In the afternoon we rented kayaks to paddle the shoreline and collect sea glass

We feel like the luckiest people in the world.

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