Devils Postpile and Rainbow Falls at Mammoth Lakes

Part one of two camping places for this 2015 summer trip.  This area is called Reds Meadow, it's at 7600 feet in the High  Sierra near Mammoth Lakes, CA.  Of the half dozen campsites in Reds Meadow we chose Minaret Falls, which was definitely the best for its privacy and wooded feeling.  The San Joaquin River runs along the campground and our site, number 5, was right alongside it.  The photo above was our "backyard".

The campsite was super clean, with a fire ring, giant stumps to use for countertops, picnic table, and the required bear box to store all foods, food prep items, and toiletries.  Anything with a scent goes into this bear proof metal box.

To find a site in these first come first served campgrounds you drive around till you find a sot with a ticket.  Sometime after you get your tent set up the camp host will come and and collect your money, $22 for the night, and put a ticket on your spot.

The fishing was great there. Jack has incredible patience for fishing which paid off in a nice 12 inch trout that he cleaned and cooked himself.

We took a long hike from our campground to Devils Postpile National Monument, and fro there to Rainbow Falls.  All in all about 7 miles, sometimes cool and shady along an alpine stream and other times hot and dry through a fire ravaged forest.  
Hiking in altitude is very challenging on the lungs and heart. We took lots of opportunities to rest and take in the scenery.

The monument is a very cool volcanic formation exposed by glaciation.

Then on to Rainbow Falls for some creek wading and fishing.


  1. Very nice. Love the rock formations. And your mom will be happy to hear about the bear proof boxes. 🐻

    1. I was so worried ant having to deal with bears, but the boxes turned out to be spacious enough to hold two tubs and a cooler, plus cooking gear etc. sadly we have not seen any bears.....yet.

  2. So beautiful! Glad you were able to find ideal camping spots as I know this, was a concern. :-)