Napa to Carmel

First stop on the way to Monterey Bay was The Mystery Spot.  Before we arrived I was convinced we were going to some kind of gravitational anomaly.  Of course Luis knew that this was not possible but he did not give us the scientific explanation until we were finished with the tour.  Spoiler Alert: The Mystery Spot is nothing but an optical illusion that made me feel seasick.  Still fun though and an offbeat tourist attraction.
And on to Monterey Bay Aquarium. 

The aquarium was delightful as expected, especially the extensive jellyfish exhibit.
Ever since Maya had a major interaction resulting in intense pain and scarring evenwith a jellyfish when she was four, she has had a special kinship with these creatures. Something like keep your Friends close and your enemies closer.
I was loving the Tentacles exhibition because of this painting. For some reason I am drawn to this strange piece.

Of course there's no denying that the otters  and penguins were adorable. Couldn't get enough of those little critters.

Even though we did not leave the country this year I still got an international experience with a multitude of languages being spoken all around me.

It wouldn't be a California coastal experience without a trip to a Giradelli chocolate shop. Jo treated us all to colossal sundaes. So good that heads were laid on the table as a reaction to eating almost the entire thing. Delicious yet sickening.
Even though we spent a ton of time in the car we took the famous 17 mile drive. Along the waywe stopped at several sites but especially loved the little tidepools of the Pacific Ocean.

We had our final hot shower and soft bed. In the morning we depart for Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park.


  1. There was a Mystery Hill in Michigan and my bubble was burst when I found out how it all worked. And call me crazy but I have been thinking all along that the picture you're drawn to has something in the face that looks like Maya.

    1. You think? Could be....sort of a quirky sweetness?