We could have done a number of different things during the last 2.5 days of the trip but we decided to head to Flagsaff and the Grand Canyon.

Always wanted to capture the moment at this sign, something only folks from ILM would understand.

It was a looooong 11 hours to Flagsaff, difficult to do at the end of an 18 day trip.  We arrived at dinner, had great local pizza at NiMarcos, showered after 5 long days of camping, and crashed out. 

Flagsaff is an adorable outdoor sports focused place.  At 7600 feet it's chilly there even in July!   

Next morning we hauled out of bed for a long day of sightseeing.  We started with visiting the Grand Canyon at the not too heavily visited east rim. Now prepare for a lot of pictures.

How can anyone scowl at the Grand Canyon for pete's sake? Welcome to my world!

This cool Desert View Watchtower gave an awesome perspective and native art.

We thought it would be hot sunny 100 degree weather but it was rainy and 70.  We drove in an unexpected storm to Tuba City.

The main reason to come to this tiny desert town in the Navajo Nation was to go to the small museum. But first lunch at the unassuming Navajo restaurant attached to a gas station, the Tuuvi Cafe.

Traditional fry bread and beans came highly recommend.  It was pretty good but nothing to rave over.

The Navajo Interactive Museum is small but extremely through in its description of the history and culture of the Navajo People in their own words and perspective.

Had a hard time getting jack to leave, and when he went into the Navajo Code Talkers exhibit he was riveted.

Ever since he was very small one of his main interests has been Native Americans.  Pair that with his teenage boy war obsession and he was hooked.  He had already read a few novels about the Code Talkers so this visit brought it to life.

Making our way back to Flagsaff in the evening we explored Maya's obsession with space and astronomy with a visit to the Lowell Observatory.

Peering through various telescopes we saw Saturn, binary stars, and some other objects I can't remember.  I learned how to find the North Star.

This girl could barely contain her excitement at this place.  She is hellbent on going to Mars, the International space Station, and a black hole. She's laser focused on that goal and her determination is a joy to watch.

A late dinner and back to the hotel to eat mass quantities of jellybeans. This trip is almost over!

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  1. I remember the first time I saw the North Rim of the Grand Canyon it brought tears to my eyes. So awesome. And it's great to see Jack and Maya so excited about their adventures.