Latin America is Street Food and Catherdrals

And I love it! The main cathedral in Leon was built with indigenous (slave) labor over the course of 100 years.  You can just feel  the suffering in these huge buildings.  After last nights Telica hike we were beat so we slept in a bit.  We planned to go to the cathedral, do some shopping, and eat some lunch. The thing to do is pay to go on the roof of the cathedral for the view.  We were pretty excited about that, until we actually got up there and our eyeballs were pierced with the whiteness that was so blinding it felt like wooded skewers hammering into my eyes.  I snapped random pictures that I couldn't see as I was taking them.
After the roof experience we had batidos (smoothies) and then went back to the hotel with headaches from the glare and ended up staying there for the next 4 hours. When we finally went out we sat and people watched in the central park and had our last behind the cathedral street food.
So many great things to choose from its hard not to get your plate loaded up with more than you can eat.  Back to the hotel to get packed up and anticipate our volcano boarding experience the next morning.  

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  1. Wow! That cathedral is awesome! What a different trip than your others, huh? Even if several have been in South America, your adventures show me how different the countries down there can be.