Somoto Canyon Big Adventure

We had a big time in the canyon today!  Getting here was part of the fun, by chicken bus of course.  Usually bus stations are chaotic but the Esteli station was calm so I took some pictures of all of the old American school busses that get a new lease on life in Central America.
The ride took just over 2 hours stopping for everyone and everything, and cost 1$ each.  The guide from Somoto Canyon Tours met us at the bus station in Somoto as promised and drove us out to the cabins on his property for us to spend the night.
They were clean and safe, had a front row seat on the Pan American Highway, and were situated 3 miles from the Honduran Border.  In addition to trucks, motorcycles, and horse carts in the front yard there were all manner of farm animals meandering though the property with their accompanying noises and smells.  Some were pettable which always makes Maya happy.
The attraction in the area is the Somoto Canyon.  A four hour tour hikes through lush hills with stunning vistas, but the majority of the time is spent in the water wading, boulder scrambling, jumping of ledges, and floating. The floating was the very best part.

It starts with a short walk along the highway
Passing the local soccer field along the way.  Yes that is a donkey.
Wandering along livestock paths.
Making our way down to the river.
Feeling  excited at the beginning of the best part.
Then came the first jump.  Everyone wanted Luis to go first.  He took his time mustering up the courage but he led the way.
We all made the jump, about 30 feet.  I will admit it was terrifying of course, but I knew I would never live it down if I chickened out.
The home stretch on the water is done by boat. Then another 2km walk back to the guides house. 
We took a rest and got a ride back to town in the back of a pick up truck.
We are staying at Hotel Panamericano in Somoto in 2 rooms, 15$ each.
Bare bones and dumpy but I was feeling super happy about that low price, and just for a night so who cares, it is clean and safe.  Somoto is super tiny, with a cute Central Park and an adobe cathedral dating from 1616.
Feeling a little Meh.
A few street scenes and murals again.
Topping off a great day with a basket of puppies.


  1. Great post and photos, Polly. O.M.G. on the 30 foot drop into water! And "awwww" on the basket of pups. Looks like everyone is feeling better. Yay! Enjoy the next leg.

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  3. Are you bringing home a puppy?