Final thoughts on mompos.

We are leaving for Medellin this afternoon, so thought I would post some final thoughts on this sleepy colonial river town.

We had a fun ride in this drivers vehicle, sort of the classic car of mototaxis.

Afternoons with cold sweet drinks makes everyone happy, even causing maya to exclaim that she loves Colombia!

Better than Starbucks.

We called this street food vendor 'the meat guy', and you can see why. His offerings were really tasty.

Jacking digging into some chicken asado, rice, and plantains at a riverside cafe.

They look happy here!

Soups start the meal, a lime gets squeezed in.

Bought some sweet mini bananas from this man and his grandsons.

I love crumbling colonial architecture.

View from the back of a mototaxis.

Market day and this vendor is filleting fish.

So all in all mompos is a laid back place. We only met 2 other backpackers here, all the rest were Colombian tourists. Casa amarilla is a terrific place to stay, right on the river. The housekeepers kept our room spotless and worked tirelessly for 12 hour days. The staff is super nice and patient with our bad Spanish. The only drawback to staying here is the thumping riverside bar, which boom booms into the we hours. But that's pretty typical of the atmosphere in Colombia, it's just damn loud all the time. Peace and quiet is really rare. This afternoon we are taking a trip to Medellin. We have 10 more days on this trip so we decided to head south. We have a long travel day ahead of us which includes a taxi, a boat, and then the dreaded overnight bus. Wish us luck!

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