happy times in Medellin Colombia

We do know how to bring a smile to the kids faces, just give them ice cream! Promises of treats gets them though the day, although more and more I think I am being emotionally blackmailed into treats several times a day.

We spent our 2nd day in Medellin visiting a crazy artisanas market, which I have no pics of because I wasn't comfortable taking my camera out...and the Botero sculpture park which was cool.

This is a really busy and crowded part of Medellin and it was pretty intense. We spent quite a bit of time exploring the area, but as it got towards dark we headed out.

We really had a good time on the metro above ground rail. It was made even better by a ride in the cable car that links the slums that cling to the hill sides to central Medellin. For the tourist it is an amazing way to get a birds eye view of a part of the city that we would never go to, from a safe distance. Plus it was fun, like an amusement park ride. Definitely not for someone who is afraid of heights!

We went at night and had a beautiful view of the city lights. All for the price of a metro ride, just 1 dollar. Best value in all of Colombia! This is a view from the cable car, it was really really high. I had to fight the panic off.

Getting off and on is orderly and safe. The cars slow down just enough for 8 people to hop on.

Earlier in the day after we had checked out of our hostal we had gone to the bus station to leave our backpacks while we toured the city. Did you know there is a church right in the middle of the bus station? The kids were like, "why would anyone want to get married in a bus station?". So I explained that a lot of people in Latin America pray for a safe journey before getting on any kind of public transport. I saw it a million times, people crossing themselves as the bus pulls out of the terminal. But I guess they never noticed that.

We got back to the bus station in time to have a little dinner and get ready for our last over night bus, this one from Medellin to the coastal city of Tolu. It was a 10 hour ride. I thought the kids hated overnight bus rides, but jack has learned to make the best of it by making his space his own complete with custom book holder and snack area.

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  1. Love the sculptures! Very interesting. And who doesn't love ice cream?? That looks yummy! :-)