Tolu, Colombia

After a 10 hour bus ride we arrived in the coastal carribean town of tolu. It's about 3 hours south west of cartegena, so it will be an easy ride out when we are ready to leave.

The main mode of transportation here is bicitaxis. Right on cue there were two waiting for us when we got off the bus.

The hotel website said we should pay the driver no more than 2500 cop which is about $1.40. Of course the guy asked for 4000, so we had to counter back with 3000. I hate getting taken advantage of, especially by taxi drivers. But I just couldn't bargain the guy out of .40 cents since he was about to haul maya and I and our packs with his own pedal power into town and to our hotel. There was a time when I would do that, and I know that by not bargaining hard I am setting a precedent for the broke 20 something backpacker, but like I have said before I just can't bleed a guy for 40 cents.

Our hostal, Villa Babilla, is pretty good. Good kitchen facilities, wifi, and hammocks galore.

Our room is simple and quite big.

Sunsets from the third floor terrace are beautiful over the ocean.

A hammock and book make a great vacation.

We are pretty zonked after the night bus, so we spent the day sweating it out, napping and reading. Tolu is yet another Colombian tourist town off the gringo trail. This means that it is extremely loud on the weekends. And when I say loud I mean the kind of loud music, coming from booming speakers on every corner, that vibrates your teeth. I am thinking that since it is Sunday people are still partying it up. A popular thing to do here is to get a ride from a bicitaxis outfitted with speakers powered by a car battery. Whole families pile into these double seaters with blasting bone breaking music in their faces. Lets just say that we definatley wont be doing that. Let's hope tomorrow is quieter!

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  1. I think I'm the only one commenting on your posts, so I cannot let this one go with "No comments". ;-)

    So, you will be hanging out a few hours from your leaving spot, eh? Hope you have a blast your last few days!! I think I'll be away when you return, but if not, I will definitely check in to say hello. We are going to Berkeley Springs, WV for a few days to visit a friend, get massages, hot springs baths, and be in the somewhat cooler mountains for a bit.

    Hope to see you soon! Smooth travels!