Lovely Medellin

Can I just say that I am surprised that we like the big cities in Colombia? Usually we fly in and get out ASAP, but we have been having a great time in Medellin and as you know we loved Cartagena. Both places are excellent places to take kids and exploring the cities has been a highlight of our trip. Looking back traveling to and from mompos was entirely too difficult and if I could change it maybe we wouldn't go there.

Weather in Medellin is fabulous. Since Colombia is so close to the equator temps change with altitude. Medellin is at 1400 meters putting it in the season of eternal spring. Cartagena is sea level and so is blisteringly hot. Traveling in the southern part of the country where elevations are higher and temps cooler has been much better for our moods.

Medellin is a completely modern city and if you think of bogota like new York the Medellin feels like Chicago. It's fun, hip, young and generally has a good feeling.

We go everywhere on the metro which is great!

Today we went to a hands on science museum called parque explora which was really top notch. It cost about 10 bucks each to get in, totally worth the splurge because the kids really loved it. We stayed for three hours and everyone had fun.

We've been traveling for 17 days and are on the downhill slide from here. I have noticed a pattern in the three week travel psyche. Around day 4 you feel like you have been on the road for months. Day 10 you are so homesick and fed up and you can't believe the trip ONLY half over. You feel like you want to be home yesterday. Then, right about now you start to panic thinking you have less than a week to go and there is so much more you want to see and do! So much for living in the moment.

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  1. Neat Alice in Wonderland rooms. Guess they were supposed to be a science calculation or something? Also, didn't realize you'd be back so soon -- somehow, it seems like a week from 7/6/12 is early, but I'm sure you really feel you've been traveling forever. I don't think I've ever taken a 3 week vacation -- close to it, but not often and not in years. Good for you all for sticking to it for so many summers! Can't wait to see you, though.