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Las Galeras has a lot to offer. We have connected with another American family staying at La Isleta, they are the kind of folks that are laid back and easy to get to know. Lucky for us, they went on a fishing trip. They came back with two tunas and proposed a potluck. I volunteered to make the sides, especially since they had to clean and cook two huge fish. Inspired by finding a bottle of soy sauce stocked at the supermercado, we decided on an Asian fusion theme.

This is where I found myself making Thai som tom salad in the Dominican Republic. In the land of papayas you would think it easy to find a green one, but only perfectly ripe ones are sold at the market.

Remember the family that runs the restaurant/atv rental/hardware store? We figured they would be the ones to find us a green papaya and so they did.

The fantastic menu included deglazed tuna, rice, som tom salad, cucumber and tomato salad, sautéed red peppers with garlic, sweet cabbage and noodle salad, and sautéed eggplant with leeks.

The hotel has a lovely outdoor eating area with a table that seats ten. We swapped family travel stories and played an epic game of left right center after dinner

We also celebrated Luis' 42nd birthday with eclairs from the French bakery. Luckily I remembered to bring candles from home.

We spend at least half our time navigating sustenance which can be a delight or a disaster. So far all have been delights in Las Galeras. The european influence produces outstanding pizza, which is what we had for dinner this evening.

Notice anything different about Maya? She got he hair braided and beaded today.

She doesn't look too thrilled, does she? It took these girls two hours of pulling and twisting while Maya suffered the torment. In the end, she was pretty happy with the result.

And while la princesa was getting her hair done the boys played chess.

Arguing over which moves are legit and which are not.

Las Galeras is a "just one more day kind of town"

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