Just can't get enough of las Galeras

ahhhhhh The tropics have a way of getting into your skin and lingering a while. Las Galeras is such a fantastic place that I want to invite everyone to come here!

The lovely place we order fresh fruit juice from every day on our way to the market. Located up a steady incline, it is a sweaty 20 minute walk and just when you are saying to yourself that the trek is way to much work for the tropics you stop here for an ice cold juice for a buck.

Passion fruit (chinolla) has been a favorite.

The grocery store we work hard to reach is well stocked. I find myself taking much longer than usual because shopping for daily needs is a cultural excursion in disguise as every package has to be translated and items sorted through to make sure i am getting what i think i am getting.

Just like at home there is a big candy selection at the check out counter.

The dominican republic has a huge expat community, mostly french which makes for some mighty nice bakery offerings? Jack's daily routine is to meet his pal Peter from Tacoma at the "coconut smashing area" on the hotel grounds and then walk up to the French bakery together where jack buys four chocolate croissants and a baguette for five bucks. Of course the owners love these two American boys and greet them with huge smiles.

Speaking of food, jack found a conch at the beach yesterday. He got the critter out of the shell, sliced it up, and sautéed it himself in a pan of garlic and leeks.

Sadly he gagged on the first chew and fed the rest to the cat.

We had a much better meal at this local place. You know it's good when the local male shop keepers have their dinners here. It has a dirt floor and an old billboard tarp rigged to a mammoth mango tree for a roof.

Naturally the food was outstanding, beans and rice, freshly caught shrimp, chicken en salsa, and plantains. Washed down with an icy coke. Yum.

Here's the happy cook who makes the fab food that the locals eat.

And if you want to rent an atv after you eat you are in luck because the restaurant is also a parking lot for an ATV rental place.

Our new friend señor Bautista works at his family hardware store. His parents own the restaurant/atv place

A day in las Galeras would not be complete without a trip to the beach complete with brewing storm offshore adding incredible layers of color to the beach.

Location:Dominican Republic

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  1. Tropical Haiku

    Beautiful, sunny
    A day in Las Galeras
    Don't eat the fresh conch