Playa Rincon and Playa Fronton

What a treat! We went on a double beach excursion visiting the famous Playa Rincon and the majestic Playa Fronton. For about $75 we hired a boat and two guys to take us to these two incredible places.

This is Playa Fronton taken from the boat as we came in. We were the only people there, and like Playa Madama this place had a Gilligan's Island feeling to it, so very remote and isolated.

The snorkeling here was so incredible, calm, and had a safe feeing as it wasn't too deep...perfect for the kids. Interesting fish that you could practically touch and mesmerizing coral. Jack and Maya said they could not believe that they would ever see anything like it in their entire lives, it was like swimming in an aquarium and it was perfectly clear like glass.

Las Galeras has been wonderful for exploring totally untouristed pristine beaches that are only accessible by boat or jungle hike.

At Playa Fronton hunting for beach glass was like gem mining, with every step there was a jewel to pick up.

That's Maya on the the left and her friend Emma. We took the trip with the American family we met here.

A view into geologic time in the cliffs surrounding the beach.

A blessed and lucky family.

Next stop is the famous Playa Rincon, one of the top ten beaches in the Carribean yet largely unknown. There is almost no development here, and it can only be reached by a rough ride on a 4 x 4, a two hour jungle trek, or by boat. We had lunch at the ever present fish shack and then swam in deep clear water. No treasures here, but the swimming was great. The water looked like melted diamond and icebergs mixed with blue jello and felt like baby powder and silk.

Finishing the day in the outdoor shower.

We plan to leave for Santiago tomorrow, but the theme of one more day is calling. And since a national transportation strike started this morning we just might answer the call.

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