This is Moncion

Mostly made of cement to withstand the humidity, the buildings are brightly painted. Some have a foundation of cement with rough hewn planks of wood for the walls.

The more upscale homes in moncion have wide driveways and elaborate fences and gates.

More average homes are close together, brightly painted, and made of cement.

Others are made from just wood.

A quaint looking place behind a gate.

A beauty salon on the main town square. This place was getting a lot of business, although you cannot see anyone inside in this photo.

In between homes are a maze of alleyways which were fun to explore.

Traipsing around town with nothing much to do led to the fire station where we were treated to a personal tour.

Further on the walk revealed this odd store front, which was never open the three times we walked by so we never did figure out what it's purpose was or meet the quirky person who made this collage.

Painted a garish orange and green, the town square drew us each day.

We never caught this place open either. Check it out, it's a vintage vw van converted into a food truck with an awesome mural of shaggy on the side.

I don't think these food trucks go anywhere though because they are hooked into the city electrical wires, see them on the top?

One nice about traveling in out of the way places where there aren't ready made tourist services is how nice it is to just sit and get an ice cream as the day's major activity.

If you are looking for something completely different in your travels I would recommend doing a home stay at casa de las anas in moncion. the food is good, the people are nice, the natural scenery is unspoiled by tourists. You will be treated practically like a celebrity here.

Location:Dominican republic

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