Touring the countryside by motorcycle

Our day was spent on the road touring the countryside on two wheels. Luis and jack drove a borrowed moped, Maya rode with Ana Maria, and I rode with Pablo, a neighbor guy.

We spent nearly four hours on various grades of roadway, some nicely paved, others rocky, steep, and eroded. No, we are not wearing helmets. No one does and I don't even think they exist here. Entire families and several packages routinely ride a single motorcycle. A woman carrying a sleeping baby while holding on to the driver who is clutching a toddler and a propane tank between his legs while he navigates his motorcycle through potholes and around busses is completely common. Helmets? Nah, there isn't room.

We visited several lookout points on the lake without seeing barely another soul. It's hard to imagine this place being kept a secret from the clutches of mass tourism forever.

Fencing is made from sticks poked into the ground that eventually regrow into trees. Makes for a beautiful and natural fence eventually.

A walk down to the water yielded a stinky dead crab. She asked to take it home but luckily I didn't have a plastic bag so we threw it back in the water.

We stopped at a local swimming hole where large extended families we spending the day playing in the river. We got a lot of stares and I was grateful that I wasn't wearing my bathing suit.

The kids have made themselves at home in moncion. We told them we'd be home in a few days and jack said, "why? This place is just like home!"

Location:Dominican Republic

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