The Las Galeras Beach

The beaches in the northeast are spectacular. We had no idea that the main town beach would be so fabulous, and just a few minutes walk from our bungalow.

I spent four hours with Jack and his new friend at this sparkling lagoon.

I tried so many times to pack up and leave, but the calm clear water was addictive. In this area of the beach there are underground cold fresh water streams streaming through the warm bath water of the lagoon, so as you swim you glide through alternating pockets of cold and warm water.

As you can see i am obsessed with this water. Jack used this horizontal palm tree as a jumping off point.

We have now been here for one week, and I have accomplished a new traveling milestone in that I have actually stayed in one town for more than five nights. At this point the days could easily disappear and we could be here for the entire three weeks before we know it. In fact three weeks doesn't seem like nearly enough time!

In favor of staying a few extra days here we have eliminated one of the little mountain towns we planned on visiting. The beach is just too awesome.

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Location:Dominican Republic

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