Then a really sad thing happened

Luis buried a dog last night. The kids were waiting for him to come and say goodnight, we thought he was just talking with some people, and long after the kids fell asleep he came back and said he had just helped bury the dog.

When we arrived here yesterday there was a hesitant excitement in the air. Ana Maria, the owners 20 something daughter, beloved dog was expecting puppies. But she was also concerned because the dog had stopped eating for a few days and had not even gotten out of bed. Within the hour a friend of hers comes with a backpack of medical supplies. They both put gloves on and start giving the dog injections and trying to induce labor.


Oddly enough it turns out the friend is a veterinarian and Ana Maria is a med student specializing in pediatrics. So it turns out they know what they are doing.

As the hours go by it is clear there is something really wrong with the dog. During dinner we learn that the puppies are still born and the mama dog is not doing well.

Upon hearing this sad news Maya completely falls apart, lying on the bed sobbing for the loss of a litter of puppies. The sun went down, and the full moon came up causing all of the roosters in town to crow like mad. Then the donkey started honking, and if you have ever heard a donkey you know they are very loud and mournful. Between the roosters, the donkey, and Maya I was beginning to think I was in a bad dream where everyone is crying. That was my weird reality last night

I finally coaxed Maya to the dinner table to eat a few bites of food. When I was putting the kids to bed is when luis disappeared.

He came back well over an hour later with muddy shoes and dirty hands. Where the heck had he been? He explained that he went out to see the dog, and when he looked close he determined that the mama dog had died as well. He carried the news to Julia, who responded with a shovel and a box. Ana Maria's boyfriend came up with a metal pole and together he and Luis chinked away at the rocky earth beneath a banana tree and buried a dog.

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