The grand finale

I'll have my complimentary espresso in the courtyard please, of the Hotel Palicio of course!

It's always nice to splurge on a nice place at the end of a three week backpackers tour through a developing country. On a recommendation from the Jacobsens, we booked a room through at the fab Hotel Palicio.

A restored colonial mansion that dates from the 1700's, the hotel is fantastic complete with courtyard, balconies, and a maze of hallways and secret nooks.

We are paying 106 usd a night, which includes a really nice breakfast buffet, rooftop pool, and free espresso all day long.

The rooms are great, and the bathrooms are huge.

Really. It is so very nice. Especially for a family of grimy stinky backpackers. I was worried they would turn us away at the door when we walked in.

More on touring the capital city later. For now, we are chilling out in the breezy courtyard with an espresso.

Location:Dominican Republic

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